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About Your Photo

The quality of your engraved crystal photo gift is totally dependent on the quality of the photo you send to us.

A Few Simple Rules:

  1. Do NOT send us photos you copied off of the Internet! No Facebook photos, etc. Images from the Internet are low resolution and will result in unsatisfactory and blurry engraving. There's nothing we can do to sharpen up a photo you copied from some website. Just don't do it!
  2. If you have the actual printed photo, scan it at high resolution (300 DPI) at full size. This will result in a file that may be quite large, but that's what we need.
  3. If all you have is the original digital file created by your digital camera (even, God forbid, your phone), send us that file. Do not worry about processing the file, resizing it, or anything else. We will take care of all that!

High quality photos for engraving share TWO important characteristics:

High Resolution: What does "High Resolution" mean? It means that the photo is created or scanned at a minimum of 300 dots per inch (DPI). High resolution files retain more detail and allow us to create a sharper image inside the crystal.

If you are scanning your photo using a photo scanner, the software that came with it will have a setting for High Resolution, or will allow you to select the DPI setting. While we can engrave lower resolution photos, they will not be as sharp as a higher resolution photo. Please do not ask us to engrave photos from the Internet since they are very low resolution and will result in very blurry engraved images.

Good Contrast: Contrast means that you can easily distinguish the objects in a photo from each other. It also means that there is a good distribution of light and dark elements in the photo. Overly dark or overly light photos will not result in a high quality engraved crystal. If, for example, you send us a photo taken at night and all you can see in the photo is Aunt Mary's eyes, her eyes will be what you see in the crystal. Conversely, overly bright or light photos will result in very bright and hard to distinguish engraving.

The final thing to understand is that the engraver can only engrave what it sees. Dark photos will result in a very light and hard to see engraving. We will do our best to adjust the brightness and contrast of your photo to produce a satisfactory engraving. If we think your photo will result in an unsatisfactory engraving, we will notify you to discuss your options.

Please note that the photos of engraved crystal on this website were created from actual engraved samples of stock photography sharing the above desirable characteristics. If you have questions about the quality of your photo, please feel to contact us. We will examine it and let you know if it is suitable.